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Daniel Musinguzi
Founder & CEO

Why Choose NSG as Your Service Provider?

Advantages to Choosing NSG.




Develop your self sufficiency.


We save you money in hardware purchase and service requests


Get the support when you need it.


Dedicated service and expert field service professionals.


Focus on your project while utilizing our expertise


One million in general liability insurance coverage.

Our founder started out as a field service technician who became skilled at his trade. He saw an opportunity to give his customers a “personal experience,” while providing quality and efficiency.

Let us provide service for your business.

Mission Statement

To offer innovative technology and custom solutions with quality service.

Core Values


NSG relationships are built on a foundation of trust, honesty, dependability, and transparency. We commit and stay true to our word. We deliver and take responsibility for our actions.​


We care for our people, customers, and communities. We conduct our dealings in a manner that reflects fairness and diversity. We behave in a professional manner and show respect for all individuals at all time.


NSG products and services are of the highest quality at all times. We will deliver excellence, peace of mind and 100% customer satisfaction.​