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We at Nile Solutions Group, Inc. understand that your company’s technology requirements are as distinctive as it is. With our NSG Tech Services, we create a collaboration that seeks to improve your operational effectiveness and overall success, not only hardware and software solutions. Our committed staff, using decades of industry experience, places a strong emphasis on professionalism and empowerment, assisting you in becoming more independent in managing your IT landscape. Nile Solutions Group, Inc. offers benefits beyond merely high-quality products, such as our commitment to long-term support and our instillation of principles. What distinguishes us is this:

Advantages to Choosing Nile Solutions Group, Inc.




Develop your self sufficiency.


Get the support when you need it.


Dedicated Field Service Technicians.


Focus on your project while utilizing our expertise.


Two Million in General Liability Insurance Coverage.

NSG 24/7 Point of Sale Services

At Nile Solutions Group, Inc., we are aware that having a powerful and responsive point-of-sale system is essential for success in the quick-paced worlds of retail and hospitality. Our NSG 24/7 Point of Sale Services are made to help you around the clock, making sure that your company never misses a beat. Our full range of services covers every facet of your POS requirements, from professional installs to speedy repairs, from thorough preventative maintenance to flexible deployment. We not only supply top-notch solutions but also give you the ongoing assistance and resources you require thanks to our devoted on-site technical support, quality control, and asset tracking. Partnering with us is making an investment in a streamlined, professional experience catered to your unique needs.

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Preventative Maintenance

NSG Roll Out – Deployment

  • Post Installation follow-up
  • De-Installation of POS
  • Software Upgrades
  • Onsite Tech Support
  • POS Supplies
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Project Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Asset Tracking and Delivery
  • On site installation and testing


Get the best point of sale service guaranteed!

Getting hold of the best as well as reliable service provider is important to you. Maintaining good relationships with clients through quality services is important to us. You can trust on us knowing that NSG capabilities meets your POS needs.

NSG is dedicated to keeping your POS system working at its best.

Partnership Opportunity

NSG can be your partner in the field, if you need help with any of your field service, are expanding into a new territory or just have an installation, repair, or service need for your customers, day, or late night. We can help your operations.

Let us impress your customers for you!

“Why should my store signup for POS service agreement?”

Over the years of providing service to small businesses, we have learned that a service agreement guarantees your point of sale system can be serviced, repaired, without breaking your pocket book. Regular service, maintenance of your POS helps to keep it clean and working at its best. POS breakdowns can happen when you least expect it. NSG offers annual, semi-annual and quarterly service rates.When you hire NSG to provide service for your POS system, our commitment will be to provide you with the highest level of service. Solutions that delivers safe, clean POS, with reliability, and efficiency, giving you peace of mind and 100% customer satisfaction.

Benefits of investing in your POS maintenance with us;

* Reduce avoidable service costs and costly down time.
* Flexible 24/7 scheduling to prevent business hour interruptions .
* Performed service report, issues found, and recommended solutions.
* Extend Equipment life and serial reports for your database update.

Connect With NSG Sales Representatives

We will be glad to hear from you about a new partnership opportunity!

Customer Service

Repair POS Equipment

We specialize in repairing many different types of Point of Sale systems equipment. We know that POS Systems are critical to your business, and keeping your systems up is vital. We offer a variety of cost-effective solutions.

Repair POS System

Repair Computer Systems

Software Solutions

NSG POS proprietary software will be released soon. Our Software includes features that will allow you to run and operate any retail store, restaurant, or hotel operations. Stay tuned for updates.